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If your like me and love your multi player matches then it might be safe to say having accuracy is a very important skill you need to have in order to keep your kill ratio up in COD . Kill ratio is often what other players (Like me) get made fun of for having to low , basically it means I die more times then I kill. I'm man enough to admit to it and I have accepted it and moved on. A person that has a 4.0 ratio would have 12 kills and only 3 deaths. This would be considered a good player in most peoples eyes and often these players have a much higher accuracy. Many clan members I associate with that game on a 3D rdy PC have told me they couldn't play Black ops Multi player matches in 3D because they are constantly competing against other clans in tournaments . This would give there opponents a slight edge in there eyes. This is also subjective because others might find it gives them the advantage. I did suggest grouping up with clans that have 3D systems to do tournaments but it's a little difficult to find Clans that are serious about there tournaments and all game in 3D. I'm not saying it's imposable, but difficult. None the less its clear being able to maintain good accuracy is important when gaming in 3D as a whole and for some its crucial especially when playing a game like Black Ops. So does playing Black Ops in 3D effect your Accuracy. Discover more about I Want Cheats at .

PC has been the main solution to playing games in 3D for the past few years now, but with the success of Avatar it has Skyrocketed the interest towards 3D as a whole. Everything is either coming out in 3D or being converted into it. I love the interest towards 3D Movies but I have my gripes about the "3D Converted" ones, but that's another story. It was really just a matter of time until consoles started to feel like the kid no-one invited to the party. That's when I think Sony and Microsoft decided to make there systems 3D Capable. What if you already were a 3D gamer, and wanted to make the transition onto console gaming in 3D. Games like Gran Turismo 5 and Call of Duty:Black ops are 3D capable but without a PS3/ XBOX360 and a 3D TV there was no way for you to see what they looked like until now.

Orgrimmar city in 2004 was the central hub for most horde players, at the time it had the only Auction house the bank was close by and if you were looking for a quick duel all you needed to do was walk out the front entrance. The game has changed since then, significantly. Now with the 3rd expansion Blizzard has taken our beloved City and changed it forever. The new Warchief Garrosh has taken over for Thrall in his absence. Garrosh has been very ambitious with his new leadership

It's been a couple days since I last logged into Warcraft and I expected to have to download some new updates as the game gears up for its next expansion Cataclysm which launches on Dec,07. After 25 Minutes of downloading updates I was happy to find the login screen has been updated and now is displaying a huge Red Dragon, Very cool to see in 3D.

This game has one of the best 2D Trailers I have seen for any game, Its action packed and gets your blood pumping, after watching it you just want to dive right into a Multi player match firing your gun in the air screaming RUN YOU INFIDELS...ok, maybe that's just me. Its gotten crazy amounts of views on Youtube reaching almost 8 million. There is only one problem........there isn't a 3D Version of this awesome trailer for us 3D gamers. So I decided why don't I just make one! I knew full well there was no way I could pull of the pure epicness of the 2D trailer but I still gave it my best shot.

This is a review I made of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King in 3D. At the time of the review there were some interface problems and the map screen was rendering at the wrong depth. Most of the issues have since then been resolved making Warcraft once again very enjoyable to play in 3D. There are still some minor Issues present , for instance the sky in some places still seems to render at the wrong depth. For the most part Warcraft in 3D looks fantastic.The main reason I stopped playing Warcraft is because of all the the 3D problems it had at the time . It was very frustrating for me and eventually I pulled away from the game. I was happy to see that after months of staying away from the game when I finally returned most of the issues have been fixed. This is the main reason why I'm back playing Warcraft , 3D has given it a reboot . I found myself going back to places that I have been to a thousand times before and re-experiencing them in 3D.